Volumail features

Volumail is a must-have software for mass mail marketing designed with a special attention to every single detail of this delicate task. Here is a list of its main features.

Email personalization

Contacts filter

Contacts groups

Rich HTML editor

Messages preivew

Contacts import

Multithread email engine with multiple SMPT servers support

Direct sending

E-mail Personalization

An impersonal e-mail performs much worse than a carefully written personalized message. When we talk about the mass-mail marketing, it is crucial to gain confidence of the e-mail recipient. A customer should see that you care of him and his needs and not just trying to snatch a couple of dollars more. Anonymous letters do not seem trustworthy enough and thus return much less profit, see yourself:

Dear customer!
Some time ago you have ordered our product and we would like to let you know that we have got another product in our store that you might be interested in...

Sounds like an impersonal template which it really is. Too bad. Such message won't bring you any signifcant open rate.
Now compare with this one:

Dear John!

At December 12, 2009 you have ordered a sofa and we would like to let you know that we have got a set of nice chairs in our store that you might be interested in...

As you can see, the second example seems much more specific and personal than the first one, so the open rate of such message will be much higher. Customers love when you pay attention on their real needs and will pay you back if you properly ask them to.
Volumail lets you easily personalize emails by inserting fields from the contacts database into email subject or body.

Contacts filter

Sometimes you don't need to send e-mails through the entire contact list. You may want to limit your offer say with your female customers only, or with customers who have ordered before the specified date, or you simply want to send another promo offer to all customers who bought some specific product in the past. All of this can be easily performed with Volumail contact list filter. Volumail lets you target your campaign to some specific subscribers only.


Contacts groups

Another useful feature that allows you to narrow your e-mail marketing target audience is Contact Groups. Volumail allows you to set up different sets of e-mail addresses with unique custom fields each. This option allows you to manipulate several mailing lists and send mass e-mails customized specially for each set of addresses.

Rich HTML Editor

The other vital part of a successful e-mail marketing campaign is the appearance of your marketing message or newsletter. Plain text is dead: most of nowadays e-mail clients support and correctly display HTML messages. You shouldn't miss this opportunity to make your promo offers look better. The HTML format provides a wide range of ways to enhance the visual appearance of a text, starting from font styles to images.


Messages preview

You can preview the message that will be sent to every addressee in the database. Note, that the macroses are now substituted with their actual values - names, addresses and so on. So if you see something's wrong here, you can step back and modify your e-mail template or the database data.


Contacts import

If you want to send emails to a list which is stored in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook, or some other program, then you can easily import the contacts list into Volumail. Just save the contacts list to CSV file and open it in Volumail. Virtually all programs which work with structured data let you save data to CSV.


Advanced multi-thread mail sending engine

A mass-mail software should send dozens of thousands letters and it should do it fast.
Volumail uses an advanced email engine which can use up to 10 connections to an SMTP server simultaneously to send messages 10 times faster.
Moreover, it can use unlimited number of SMTP servers simultaneously, with up to 10 connections to each, so the sending speed is virtually unlimited.

Direct sending

Normally, you need to use an SMTP server to run your e-mail sending campaign. However, Volumail can work without SMTP too, this is called the direct mode. In this sending mode the e-mail message is transmitted bypassing the SMTP server. Instead, it is send directly to the SMTP server of a recepient. Such way has its pros and contras:


  • You don't have to set up an SMTP server or switch between them. No need to mess up with many SMTP settings anymore!
  • The sending speed is higher
  • Some SMTP servers have limitations on volume of sent mail. No SMTP server - no limitations!


  • The risk for an e-mail to be marked as SPAM is higher when you use the direct sending.