5 Steps to Start Using Our Mass E-mail Marketing Software

Step 1 - Import e-mail addresses

First of all, you need to import the list of e-mail addresses. To do that, switch to the Contacts section and click the Import button as shown below:

Import the contact list

Volumail can import e-mails from virtually any application that support exporting to the CSV format.

Step 2 - Setup the e-mail template

Now you should write a message that will be sent to all addressee. Note, that Volumail allows you to send personalized e-mails that greatly increase the open rate of your newsletter and therefore proportionally increase your possible profit. To setup your e-mail template, switch to the Message section and write your message with the built-in WYSIWYG e-mail editor:

Customized e-mail template

Write an eye-catching header and the message body, using the HTML editor. Note, that you can use macros ((A)), ((B)) and so on to substitute the value of the corresponding field in the contact list: the customer's name, the product name, the purchase date, the amount of discount and so on.

Step 3 - Configure the SMTP server and user information

Now it is time to setup an SMTP server to send the e-mails. Switch to the Settings tab and click the Add button to add an SMTP sever, a new window should open:

Setup an SMTP server

Specify the parameters of the SMTP server you would like to use for your e-mail campaign and save the settings. Please note, you can perform the sending without the SMTP server - this is called direct e-mail sending.

Step 4 (optional) - Preview your message

Before your bulk e-mail marketing campaign starts, please preview the message that will be sent to every addressee in the database. Note, that the macroses are now substituted with their actual values - names, addresses and so on. So if you see something's wrong here, please step back and modify your e-mail template as described above.

Preview the e-mail template

Step 5 - Send it!

Switch to the Send section and click the Send button to start your marketing campaign right now, or schedule it to some specific time later.

Please take a look at the rest of Volumail features to learn more how you can improve your e-mail marketing campaigns or download the free trial to evaluate the software:

Download bulk email software